My Love for Perfumes

Those who know me also know my big passion for perfumes  ( its no secret that my dream was to be a “ nose “ for perfumes and I ‘m keeping the dream alive of making my own line of perfumes.)

I feel totally naked without my perfumes, its my little universe I step into everyday and a new story is being created with every drop that touches my skin.

narcisa upper house-1

I have lots of fragrances  and whenever I get something new  I tend on going back to the basics:  myrrh , mimosa, vetiver, sandal wood or an exotic blend of cinnamon and amber.

I could spend days combining those essences , making new blends while dreaming  but for now I’ll just share with  some  of my all time favorites.

I love the entire collection of spices from Hermes (Ambre Narguile  is the smell that everyone recognizes me by, whenever I walk into a room ), also like Jour D’Hermes for a casual day .

I like Caron’s Poivre  as well I like  Poivre Samarcande from Hermes,  (What can I say, I’m a big fan of pepper and I like it equally in my perfumes and my chocolate )

And my absolute big LOOOVE is  Chanel Grand Extrait No 5 for a very special evening (and I mean REALLY special, for those who understand what I’m referring to). I keep that little bottle as an inspiration next to my drawing pad for those moments when I need to remind myself that best things are always those in their purest form.

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