Gloves and Other Things

Maybe because summer is almost gone or maybe just because I’ve got a cold and I’m kind of shivering in my 16 degrees Celsius air conditioned office, today I’m going to share my thoughts on fall-winter accessories. The cold season is around the corner and inevitably ladies that means more than just coats and boots .

I’m a big fan of leather gloves, (especially the long ones, they feel more aristocratic). And when it comes to exquisite gloves and hats no one is doing it better than Sermoneta (well, Hermes makes amazing gloves too but not much variety of designs).

Every time I’m in Milan or Firenze I stop by Sermoneta store and spend hours trying on hats and gloves. My favorite pick for this year is this cream pair with brown buttons that I’ve got in Firenze and it was love at first sight. Sad though to give up the gorgeous Vivienne Westwood elbow long gloves that everyone had been asking me about the entire last winter.

I know this cream pair will be stapled to me through the winter as it goes perfectly with the brown PHERES mink poncho I’ve just made and all my friends are in love with, so I guess I have no choice but to make few more and launch a capsule collection.

And that’s how the transition into women fashion is happening I guess….out of love for leather accessories.


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