October Birthstone: Opal/Tourmaline

Raise your hand if you’re an October baby!

If your birthday falls  in October, you have two birthstones to choose from! Lucky you!


Each stone is unique in its own way and exudes limitless opportunities as they both have a rainbow of shades and color variations.

It is believed that both the gems for October traversed through a journey involving rainbows, hence the various color combinations they embrace.

The name “opal” was derived from a Greek word, “opallios” which translates “to see a change in color.” How cool, right? Opal’s are said to have originated from Australia and 95% of the supply that exist in the world today is all from down under!

However, unlike the term opal, “tourmaline” comes from the Sinhalese words, “tura mali” which translates to “stone of mixed colors.” Just like its name, this stone shares a broad spectrum of colors in the rainbow.

While opals are considered to bring luck, tourmalines are believed to shield against negative thoughts.

Two similar stones but very different characteristics – let us know which one you’re inclined to; opals or tourmalines?

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