Power Dressing and Personal Style

Gentlemen, success doesn’t come easy and first impression always counts (whoever tells you any other way, is lying) . We live super busy lives when we only get a few minutes to make an impression on the people we meet and believe it or not, the way you dress is the first thing that teaches others about your personality, career, success.  Never underestimate the importance of dressing right for the occasion : be it in the boardroom where you want to dominate and get that business done, a client dinner, travel or simply on a weekend with your family . Dressing well is an exercise that delivers first hand the message you want to send across.

That’s why Pheres decided to start offering image consulting advice and help more professionals get that right look and a proper wardrobe makeover.

For those in HK and Tokyo, join us at Pheres showrooms for personal styling and free advice on how to mix and match your clothes. And,  if you hurry,  you might even still be able to get some items of our collection at half price. New summer suits and jackets just arrived from Italy so hurry and be the first to try our signature deconstructed jackets and make it easier to bare the heat and humidity.

Happy Thursday! Pheres

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