My Two Big Loves

IMG_0902Today while walking to a ladies lunch at Sevva I crossed the entire ground floor of Landmark with all its big brands and designer stores. Everything it’s there: Gucci, Fendi, Dior, Bottega Veneta, Chanel , Jimmy Choo,Celine, etc). It’s a shopper’s paradise and this consumerism at its best automatically made me think who are the designers I really love and look up to.

Obviously first name that came onto my mind was Galliano. I can’t say enough how excited I am that he is slowly getting back. When I saw the interview with Charlie Rose on Bloomberg I was asking myself what happened there? Did he master in Apologetics over night because every single sentence was starting and ending with an “I’m so sorry” and that’s just not the Galliano I knew.I told myself that fashion should morn for a long time  if he doesn’t come back ( and I mean really coming back ,not just designing for Oscar De la Renta ). And for god’s sake, what was wrong with those students at Parsons to be against Galliano teaching them? Do they actually understand their loss? Maybe they are happier being taught by someone like Tory Burch, the mere American copy of Shanghai Tang or even worse Tommy Hilfiger.

Well, sad as it is, I’ll move on and try to get a glimpse of happiness talking about my other big love: Azzedine Alaia . I totally admire him and that’s not because he refuses to show the collection with other big commercial brands at Paris Fashion week or because he hates the press (wasn’t he the only one who had the guts to say that Anna Wintour from Vogue USA has great business sense but terrible fashion sense?). Alaia is for sure a “createur de mode ” in its true sense, not just a fashion designer. And I’m sure all of you fashion people out there would understand what I mean.


Alaia has never stopped shocking his audience and creating new things that wont follow the norm but set the standard. I love his futuristic view on fashion and I find very intriguing the way he treats the entire industry. And like everyone else who loves his genius I’m so looking forward this autumn to seeing what pieces of art are coming out of his Marais studio.


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