narcisa pheres for jewelry maki
Jewelry Maki is one of the oldest Japanese diamond jewelry houses with more than five decades of history in the Japanese luxury market and with over 25 stores across Japan.
It was once considered the leading diamond distributor in Japan, and now from the moment of rebuilding the brand globally, it has appointed Narcisa Pheres as its creative director.
Narcisa launched her eponymous jewelry line “Narcisa Pheres”, dedicated exclusively for fine jewelry enthusiasts, combining one-of-a-kind diamonds with breathtaking designs for the high-end market.
Jewelry Maki appointed Narcisa Pheres last November as Creative Director aiming to bringing the company on the international scene through this collaboration.
With her Italian brand heritage, having worked in Europe, America, and Asia and understanding Japanese culture, this makes the collaboration between Narcisa Pheres and Jewelry Maki a perfect match for bridging cultures.